Biden does a 1, 2 step on the way to Marine One to say hi to Ciara, her kids and wife Jill on the White House balcony during their break from a film campaign pushing vaccines for children

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Singer Ciara and her children joined first lady Jill Biden at the White House on Wednesday to wave goodbye to Joe Biden as he left for a trip to Detroit.

The president detoured from the Oval Office over to the South Portico, where he walked up a few steps to exchange words with them. He then left to board Marine One.

'Wave bye,' Ciara, who is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, was heard telling her three children: daughter Sienna Princess, 4, and sons Future Zahir, 7, and Win Harrison, 1.

Win Harrison, being held by his mom, waved enthusiastically as the president walked away.

The '1, 2 step' singer was at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with the first lady as part of Jill Biden's effort to get children 5 to 11 vaccinated.

'They are filming a digital product encouraging pediatric vaccines,' East Wing spokesman Michael LaRosa told
President Joe Biden says "bye" to first lady Jill Biden,  singer Ciara Princess Wilson, Sienna Princess Wilson, Future Zahir Wilburn,and Win Harrison Wilson
Ciara's youngest son Win Harrison waved bye enthusiastically to the president
The wind from Marine One blows the hair of Jill Biden, Sienna Princess Wilson, Ciara Princess Wilson, and singer Ciara Princess Wilson

Jill Biden will visit a pediatric vaccination clinic at the Children’s National THEARC on Wednesday afternoon with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, Washington Mystics' Alysha Clark, and Washington Wizards' Thomas Bryant as part of that effort.

Last Monday, Jill Biden visited the Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McClean, Va., which was the first school in the nation to host a polio vaccine clinic on April 26, 1954, with more than 100 second graders getting their shots.

'Please make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives, because nothing is more important than our children's health,' the first lady said, though was careful to label the decision a 'choice.'

On Sunday, she visited a clinic in Texas to promote the same message.

The first lady has taken on vaccine promotion as one of her issues. She's visited red states and southern states with low vaccination rates to encourage more shots in arms.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was approved for use in five to 11-year-olds last month.

Kid are being given 10 microgram doses - one-third of the size given to adolescents and adults - three weeks apart.

Doses started being doled out immediately, though have been met by some resistance since the virus poses a low risk to that age group, accounting for just 0.1 percent of Covid deaths in the U.S.

Because of this low risk of severe illness, polls have shown that many parents are not inclined to vaccinate their children.
Ciara was at the White House to meet with the first lady as part of Jill Biden's effort to get children 5 to 11 vaccinated
President Biden is on his way to Detroit 

New survey data published last month from the Kaiser Family Foundation found 27 percent of parents with kids aged five to 11 say that their children will get vaccinated as soon as it's available.

Meanwhile, 33 percent say they will 'wait and see' how the vaccine is working before deciding whether or not to immunize their kids.

Another five percent of parents say they will only get their children vaccinated if it is required by their schools and 30 percent say they will not get their kids vaccinated at all.

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