‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Why the Show Never Recovered After Lucas Black Left
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When Lucas Black’s Christopher LaSalle character stepped in front of those bullets to save an innocent woman’s life, eventually dying of his wounds, NCIS: New Orleans fans were shocked. They’d spent more than five seasons with the beloved NCIS special agent and felt the show didn’t have as much to offer...

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Veronica Neitzel

I loved Lucas Black in the show and hated seeing him leave! That is still one of my favorite tv shows I watch all reruns. The character of brody was the only one I didn't care for. Much better without her. I really wish you would bring NCIS New Orleans back.

White Tiger

Lucas black made the show real, and comraderie with Pride. New actors and actresses filter in and out. The show lost it's drive, and the characters were stale without him. He brought hilarity and intrigue.

William Cleghorn, Sr.

I agree , the show had no zip no sass without LaSalle. But they pulled the plug because it cost too much to film in NO so they found a much much cheaper place to film ? How could Hawaii be cheaper? It is , as I understand it, the most expensive state in the union.


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