Nick Cannon says he's a 'different human being' when parenting daughters: 'They control you'

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Cover picture for the articleNick Cannon is discussing his differences in parenting when it comes to being a dad to his sons and daughters. On Wednesday's episode of his eponymous daytime show, Nick Cannon, the 41-year-old sits down with Don Johnson, 71, for a candid discussion about fatherhood. "As a dad who has...

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eh no thanks

Wonder how he'll feel when his daughters get treated like he treats women? Never thought Mariah would turn out to be the "sane" one..

Jeana Wells

The way he's breeding kids like he's starting a collection IS NOT OK Just because he can afford it. The idea is to give the kids a stable home w/both parents. He's just going around spreading his seed. Sad.


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