Falcons Legend Michael Vick Endorses Coach Arthur Smith - & 'More Years' for QB Matt Ryan

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Falcon Report

For Michael Vick to ultimately be right about this edition of the Atlanta Falcons, they need more weapons.

Michael Vick has an increasingly powerful voice now that he's not only an Atlanta Falcons legend but also a FOX analyst. And he is speaking powerfully now in his endorsement of Falcons leaders old and new.

On Smith: “I think Arthur is doing a great job. The culture that he’s brought from Tennessee (where Smith was the offensive coordinator), I think it’s translating. ... I think we’re playing tough, good football.''

On Ryan: "In regard to Matt, I think Matt is playing consistent, playing amazing, and right now it looks like he has three or four years left in him.”

Vick's visit with the Great Dane Nation podcast hosted by former Falcons’ kicker Morten Andersen (hat-tip The Falcoholic ) doesn't necessarily mean the entire Falcons audience has to agree with him.

There is certainly the hope that Atlanta's 4-5 start is a positive thing ... but for most observers, there is still much to prove - with maybe more proof coming in the "Thursday Night Football'' visit from the New England Patriots .

And while it's easy to agree with Vick's view ( and Patriots coach Bill Belichick's) of rookie tight end Kyle Pitts - “I think Kyle Pitts has been a big addition,'' Michael said. "His presence itself opens things up due to double-teams'' - Vick's endorsement of the work of long-time QB Ryan is sure to lead to some bar-room debate.

Ryan is, like Vick himself, a legendary Falcons figure. And his contract is part of the reason the "three or four years'' is a conversation piece.

For Michael Vick to ultimately be right about this edition of the Atlanta Falcons, Smith needs more weapons (and it is in part his job to accumulate those) and Ryan does, too (and then Ryan needs to fully utilize those).

The group is about to take the stage ... with a chance to prove Michael Vick right.

Belichick on Pitts: 'Somewhere between a Julio Jones and a Tony Gonzalez' (; 1:56)

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