Young Dolph murder: Photos released of gunmen wanted for killing of rapper

The Independent
The Independent

Photos of two gunmen suspected of ambushing and killing rapper Young Dolph as he was buying cookies at a Memphis store on Wednesday have emerged.

The 36-year-old artist, real name Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr, was inside Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies when two men drove up and fire multiple rounds into the store through a window .

Law enforcement confirmed photos of the two suspected shooters, which had been circulating online, were authentic, Fox13 reporter Jeremy Pierre said.

In one of the images, Dolph’s camouflage-colored Lamborghini could be seen parked outside of the shop.

Music stars Megan Thee Stallion and Chance the Rapper led tributes for Dolph.

“Everybody that know me knows I play this man music EVERY DAY ! He was so genuine so real so kind to me and tfarris always,” Megan Thee Stallion, who collaborated with him on the song RNB, wrote on Instagram.

“Rest in Peace to my true friend a legend Dolph,” she wrote on Twitter.

“God bless Dolph. Real independent Memphis rapper born in chicago. loved by millions of ppl,” Chance the Rapper wrote.

“Always showed love everytime I seen him this is tragic God bless his family man.”

Dolph, who released his debut album King of Memphis in 2016, was known for giving back to the community, and had been delivering turkeys to underprivileged families in Memphis prior to the shooting.

Memphis police have called the shooting “senseless”, adding, “our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who were affected by this horrific act of violence.”

He is survived by a partner and two children.

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Derryl Moore

So for on what I have be reading about this young Dolph he was a pretty good guy and for you young people everyone in your circle is not your friend be aware of your surroundings

Angela Doss

some people's doesn't regard life they needs to stop saying black lives matter because it really doesn't unless its the police they march all across the land but not when it's black on black all lives should matter the mind is terrible being wasted my condolences too this young family 🙏

Darren Green

once you escape the hood, good sense would tell you not to return and change the company you keep and use to run with. you can help your community more alive and healthy


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