John Collins Channels Kawhi Leonard After Hawks Win

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"What it do, baby?" Well close enough.

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"What it do, babbyyyy?" It was a rare moment where Kawhi Leonard let his guard down and showed his personality. Unless you have been living under a rock since June of 2019, you have seen the clip of Leonard and teammate Serge Ibaka celebrating the Toronto Raptors first and only NBA Championship.

The video clip went viral and spawned both memes and unironic appreciation for the saying. On some levels, it had to get kind of played out for Leonard. But he's cashed in on the phrase, both filing a trademark and joking about it in commercials.

We're going on two and a half years and people still love it. The latest person to repurpose the phrase is Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins. He went a little off-script and personalized it to entail the Hawks winning streak, but Collins' inspiration is obvious. Check out 'John the Baptist' following last night's victory of the Boston Celtics .

Honestly, Leonard is a gift to basketball and the world. You don't have to search hard to find plenty of hilarious video clips of him. Addressing fans , the media , and teammates . Every single one of them are hits. NBA players such as Collins would be wise to mimic Leonard as much as possible.

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