Patrick Mahomes Makes His Opinion On Dak Prescott Very Clear

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The Spun
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In Week 11, two of the league’s premier quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott, will face off in a marquee matchup. Ahead of this weekend’s contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys in Arrow Stadium, Mahomes shared his thoughts regarding the QB on the other sideline. “I...

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Barbara CARTER

Amen. THANK GOD, It's so impressive to here at Least one of the Kansas City Chiefs speak well of our Dallas cowboys and #4 DAK Prescott. And yes, it will be a GOOD game for two Winning great Teams.👏🏽 WOW!!!!! ♥️

Hate Nazi Democraps.

This one will be a fun fight at my house. I love my cowboys and hubby loves the Chiefs


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