Browns QB Baker Mayfield tears up ahead of Julius Jones’ execution

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has long been a supporter of Oklahoma death row inmate Julius Jones, even fighting for his innocence multiple times in the past. With that said, the former Oklahoma Sooner signal-caller couldn’t contain his emotions when talking about Jones and his nearing execution on Thursday....

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read all the comments below how everybody want to kill this man but they don't want nothing to happen to Kyle Rittenhouse and their favorite word is let's go Brandon white supremacy is coming to the light.

Elton Sneed

We’re any of you people there during the commission of the crime? Did any of you witness the crime? How certain are you that he committed this crime but you all want him to die. Sounds about white, especially coming from who’s commenting. You people yeah I said it you people ready for a black man to fry. Just ignore that it could be a possibility he didn’t commit the crime. But kill him anyway right white people

Jesse Jones

why is it that people want to start on racist I'm sorry that it turns out this way but when you commit a crime it should make know difference who are if the evidence points to you you shouldn't try and pass it off on people being racist some use it for our government has allowed it for so many years that since the fall George criminal fentinal Floyd it's all about color


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