Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold Idolised Manchester United And England Legend David Beckham


During an interview, Liverpool's right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold admits he used to admire Manchester United legend David Beckham when watching England.

The Liverpool defender is known for his incredible passing range from his right-back position and has been likened to David Beckham over the years.
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From his crosses to his cross-field passes, even to his free-kicks, Alexander-Arnold's right foot is Beckham-esque.

During the interview, the Liverpool and England right-back also spoke about Manchester United's Marcus Rashford and what he is doing for the children around the country.

"Unbelievable. Changing the country." Alexander-Arnold says the Manchester United winger deserves the recognition and he shows courage into what he's doing.

Speaking with Dan Walker for BBC Sport, Alexander-Arnold spoke of his inspiration from the former Manchester United right midfielder.

"Whos the England player you like to watch most?"

"David Beckham."

"The similarity is uncanny, many would say. In terms of your style. Is that a conscious thing or did it just happen?"

"It just happened. I always knew he was world class at what he does. His delivery with the ball was the best in the world for many years and something he kind of trademarked within the game.

"Hes iconic in that sense. Very iconic."

"Did you study his style?"

"It was hard not to. A very unique style, way he kicked the ball, his body shape. His technique was different to anyone else, so watching the games, he always stood out."

"Did you do that then, in the back garden?"

"Yeah I would always replicate it."

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