Lil Nas X Takes Over Maury with 'Scandalous' Love Triangle, Paternity Test, Proposal & Split!

Cover picture for the articleMontero confronts his boyfriend's wife ... but the segment ends in disaster. Lil Nas X took over "Maury" on Wednesday for what host Maury Povich called "one of the most scandalous stories" he's ever seen on the show. The rapper brought his "That's What I Want" music video to...

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BlaQue Queen

😒when he first came out... he was tolerable to say the least... Now, he's simply a complete disgrace to even read about any longer 🙄 #movingon

Shamika Peake

I happened to watch this today. let people be who they want to be. if everyone would just let people be the world would be a better place

Coffee Maxx

it's to much other things going on in this world to focus on LN I really think he just needs some canceling. I'm more concerned about black on black killings , racism , voter's suppression , CDC lies , so many recalls on food , contaminated water , doctor's not standing up the Thier oath to practice , hospital's rejecting patients rights. I can go on and on so what LN is doing is irrelevant to me God have mercy on the world!!!


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