A New "Rust" Lawsuit Says That Alec Baldwin Fired The Gun Even Though The Upcoming Scene Didn't Call For It

Cover picture for the articleA new lawsuit filed by a Rust crew member on Wednesday alleges that Alec Baldwin discharged the gun that accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last month despite the fact that the script for the scene to be filmed that day did not call for a gun to be fired....

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Rebecca Hill

No way around it Baldwin will pay the consequences of his careless actions. Baldwin is not a well liked person anyway. Karma comes around for everyone.

For God and Country

Watch for his best performance on the stand. I bet he gets an Academy Award and he is already looking the part. bottom line he had the gun in his hand , pointed it at her , then pulled the trigger. If he was just pretending why didn't he pretend to shoot instead of actually pulling the trigger? Rule #1 Never point a gun at someone, regardless if unloaded.#2 always check a weapon that has been handed to you. I mean seriously how do you trust that the person handing it to you doesn't have a grudge and trying to set you up or missed a stray bullet in the chamber. He should have been smarter than that.

Tom Wilson

i'm going with a firearm malfunction... cause if he had pulled the trigger ... after the first shot he would have stopped or dropped the gun ... not pull it again.


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