New report is bad news for Carlos Correa, Corey Seager

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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The major bidding war Carlos Correa and Corey Seager may have been hoping to see materialize may not develop quite as they hoped. On Tuesday, we shared a report saying that the Yankees and Dodgers could be involved in a bidding war for Seager, who is among the top free agents...

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Snafu Maru

Correa is done for he is waaaaay overrated he sits with his bat on his shoulder takes two easily hit balls for strikes then on the third pitch he will swing every time on a pitch in the dirt go back and watch the world series he is in no way a top caliber player anymore he just thinks a lot of himself the kind of money he wants you could get three good players

Donald Dumbshit

When will the Yankees pay attention to Oakland and Tampa Bay's business models?? They have been more than moderately successful with a payroll lower than my 401k.

terra contractors

Correa is a perfect fit to the dodgers .. a lot of noise and no action.


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