Porsha Williams Alleges R. Kelly Told Her To Take Her Clothes Off

Cover picture for the articlePorsha Williams is getting candid about a shocking experience she says she had with an embattled R&B singer. The former Real Housewife of Atlanta recently shared excerpts from her book “The Pursuit Of Porsha” with PEOPLE that includes shocking allegations against R. Kelly who was found guilty of racketeering and sex...

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So he asked you to get undressed and you did without any hesitation not once but 3 times now you letting the world know he didn't take anything you gave it up because you thought it was going to help your music career


If you where really out there to help women then you would have spoken up sooner, not after he had been convicted. You said in an interview that after the second time ( sounds like you got physical with him ) that you left because you heard a women being beaten in the room next to yours why didn’t you go the the police then? You could have saved some victims but you didn’t! You waited and spoke to authorities after the fact. The fact that you’re speaking up now doesn’t put you in the best light.

Nellie Sanders

PORSCHA are you looking for and opportunity will the BODY has been used up SO you should have kept your jobs that you gave up BY chasing a pipe DREAM😭😭😰😰😪😪😭


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