Husband of Los Angeles model found dead says his wife and her now-hospitalized friend were drugged

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleThe husband of a 24-year-old model who was dropped off at a Los Angeles-area hospital over the weekend and was later pronounced dead told Fox News that he suspects his wife and her friend, who remains hospitalized, were drugged after a night out of partying. Christy Giles was with...

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Alessa Caracci

Why does everyone have to get inebriated at night clubs/parties? Just have a drink or two. Don't get drunk & make yourself so vulnerable.

Kathy A. Smith

I was born 63 years ago and the last time I checked a marriage license did not translate into ownership. For crying out loud fellas, just because she is married doesnt prevent her from being free to make choices or cross the street alone and even worse, be killed. Remember, she has traveled the world working. I'm sure he wasnt with her everytime and I bet he enjoyed the income it provided. God bless him, her family and those who surrounded her with love and support.

fred gonzales

How does a husband’s wife go out and party with other dudes! Are you serious? I wouldn’t even claim her.


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