Yuma local takes home breakdancing trophy

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10-year-old breaker dances his way to a win - 13 On Your Side's Arlette Yousif reports

Breakdancing went from underground battles in garages and at parks to actual leagues and is even heading to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Breaking, jamming, and battling… words you definitely want to hear as a breakdancer.

When it comes to breakdancing, a 10-year-old Yuma local has followed in his father’s footsteps, literally.

"When I was like at least 5, I like, whenever I heard music from the garage I, I would just go in there and start breaking with my dad. Throwdown some moves," says breakdancer Ivan Garcia.

Ivan most recently won the Fresh Steps Championship and the Battle Rockers Championship-- all from being taught by his dad, a long-time breakdancer himself.

"We’re the only ones from Yuma that showed up so, I kinda passed on the torch to him and said he wanted to try the tournament so we took it serious and trained for it and he was able to come back with a couple wins," explains Ivan's father Ruben Garcia.

But not without Ivan's biggest fan.

"The lights and the people watching and the pressure, I mean that’s a lot and he’s only 10. So it’s just really heart-warming and just, I wanna just explode inside when I see how happy he is, regardless… win or lose," says Ivan's mother Sunny Garcia.

Ivan has competed over a dozen times within two years and has no plans on stopping. Every February, the Garcia family is involved in the Yuma Love Hip-Hop Fest where others can enjoy music and battle.

For Ivan, it’s all about dad.

"It would always be interesting to me to watch and I’ve always wanted to do what he would do," explains I van Garcia.

If anyone is interested in learning more about breaking, the father-son duo welcomes the community to join the fun and contact them @drago_rock .

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