#MAFS Reunion Exclusive Clip: Jose Gets Grilled About Locking Rachel Out & He Finally Takes Accountability—‘I Own It’


No way Johnny Jose, you’re not getting out of this one!
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A “Married At First Sight” husband’s feet were put to the fire during the highly anticipated reunion and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look.

On tonight’s #MAFS Reunion, host Kevin Frazier is putting Jose in the hot seat for that boundary-breaking moment when he locked his wife Rachel out of the house.

As previously reported Rachel and Jose decided to stay together on Decision Day, but they previously hit a major roadblock when Jose took great offense to his wife calling him Johnny, the name of their fellow #MAFS participant.

A heated argument ensued and after Rachel walked out, Jose locked the door and put the deadbolt on leaving his wife to fend for herself in the wee hours of the morning.

Jose has long maintained that the lockout was simply him “securing his home” and not him being vindictive towards Rachel.

Unfortunately for him, Kevin Frazier isn’t buying it.
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During the “Married At First Sight” Reunion, Kevin calls out Jose for being less than truthful about what went down. While Jose tries to downplay the moment as an “oops” that he “blew out of proportion”, Kevin implores him to be honest about locking out his wife.

“You knew you were locking her out,” says Kevin. “You were angry.”

“That wasn’t the intent…” counters Jose.

“Hold on, I’m just saying you knew you were locking her out,” says Kevin.

“Yeah, white and black, let’s say yes,” Jose finally admits.
Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

Still, he won’t agree that he locked Rachel out to “teach her a lesson” and instead says he assumed that Rachel was staying elsewhere.

“We really hadn’t resolved anything, it’s already past 12:30 I know if my wife was gonna stay here she’d already be here by now,” says the #MAFS spouse.

Kevin then, again, urges Jose to be honest.

“Jose, it’s okay to admit it now,” says Kevin. “It was foul what you did, what you did was foul.”

“Absolutely it was, I am truly apologetic and remorseful for it,” says Jose. “I own it.”
Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

Take a look below.

Tune in to the two-hour #MAFS Reunion tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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