US policeman faces 20 years in prison after blowing whistle on officers slapping a dying black man


Cover picture for the articleA US policeman, already facing up to 20 years in prison for leaking a video of his fellow officers slapping and swearing at a dying black man, has been removed from his force for alleged misconduct. Sergeant Javier Esqueda, a 27-year veteran of the Joliet Police Department in the...

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keeping it real

Thats why Most Black people have a problem with the police. They have a double standard for us. If one of their own see them doing wrong and say something, They punish him or her for really doing their jobs and speaking up. We need to make sure they always have a camera on recording the entire shift they are at work and some checking their footage daily. People tend to do their job correct and act better when their watched. Example: school bus drivers have cameras on the bus to watch them and the kids, to protect both. We need our cops monitored the same way. Just Keeping It Real.

Belinda Hood

wow!!! this how they treat there on Co-worker who tells the truth so this put in mind of how many people's are in prison under false circumstances

nunya business3

not reading the article because they have the gall to ask you to pay. Like fkn hell. idk WTF happened, but I don't like this guy.


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