Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Harry Shows Signs He Is Happier Away From Royal Family

Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry looks happier in the US than he felt when he was in the UK, a royal expert noticed. Prince Harry chose to start anew in the US with Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lili. Though leaving the royal family means giving up most of the things...

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Kathy Arnold

The Queen isn't well and I hope he takes some time to at least go for a visit. He could have regrets later. Family is family where ever you live. I'm sure it would mean alot to both of them.


No that's not true the very destructive thing! Family can also bring you the greatest misery in your life and you don't owe anything to anyone else as an adult simply because of genetics and bloodline! Its your responsibility to secure your own happiness and fill your life with Meaningful people that brings you happiness! And if you come from a family that brings you nothing but absolute inabsolute misery then you need to cut those people loose! And people forget Prince Harry still is in contact with the Spencer family his mother signed it's just not the Queen's sign he has another side of family! The same side on his mother who lost the daughter princess Diana because of the Queen and her husband and her son, Charles!🤔

Carolyn Black

He has been wanting away from there for a long time... He was a very unhappy person there...I am so glad he finally is happy... He smiles from ear to ear...


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