Dirty tricks by Clintons shaped liberal opinion and news coverage of Trump for years

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleOn Feb. 24, 1972, two weeks before the Democratic presidential primary, the Manchester Union Leader published the now-infamous “Canuck letter.” This letter to the editor accused Democratic Sen. Ed Muskie of laughing at a racist remark by one of his staffers about blacks and Francophone Mainers. To this day,...

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Mr Bill

The amount of death and destruction these 2 criminals have been a part of is staggering. They spit in Americans faces and laugh as we wipe it off and ask for more.


Hitlery Clinton signed off on selling the Russians 25% of America's Uranium. She received a #100,000,000 donation to the "Clinton Global Initiative/Grift " foundation. Billy Bob Clinton was even worse as he took a sizable campaign contribution from Bernie Schwartz of Loral Communications for signing off on giving the Chinese Communists the information to stabilize their " Long March " rockets. It seems these rockets were blowing up on the launch pads and destroying Bernie's Communications satellites with them. Lloyd's of London refused to insure them and ol Bernie was in a pickle! No worries! Billy Bob Clinton will save you! ( for a fee of course). Now the Chinese " long March rockets 🚀 work GREAT! Unfortunately now they have nukes on them pointing at YOU! But hey, whats a little treason from Democrats! Orange man bad...


It’s not opinion though. There’s plenty of evidence. Not just the paper and money trail but plenty of video evidence of them and pelosi talking about how they own the media and use the media to run smear campaigns and push a narrative. We’ve all always lived in a lie!


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