‘Her stylist set her up:’ Kendall Jenner ripped over barely there dress at Miami wedding

Miami Herald

Cover picture for the articleHer half-sister Kim Kardashian’s been married three times, so you’d think Kendall Jenner would know not to upstage the bride. But apparently the Internet peanut gallery is of the belief the model did just that last week. Jenner was in Miami, along with fellow models Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, for...

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SamSam W.

Stylist…. I’m sure she would have the final say on what she puts on her body and presents to the public she chose to wear that dress and obviously thought she looked good enough to go to a whole wedding! Don’t blame the stylist

Yvonne Morales

here I thought she was the most decent one of them all, guess I was wrong! how can she even manuvere around without something spilling out!


Considering her sister one a dress to upstage Paris at her wedding, it’s no surprise that Kendall did the same. She had a different dress for the wedding as bridesmaid and could have kept that one for the reception. Although they wanted to be the center of attention it was for the wrong reason and people see it as disrespectful to the bride, but that family just wants any kind of attention. The bride looked beautiful, Jenner didn’t.


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