How to block numbers and stop robocalls on your iPhone, Android and even landline

AOL Corp

Cover picture for the articleCorrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this column neglected to note that calling *77 on your mobile phone may instead connect you with law enforcement. “Hello! Please don’t hang up… did you know that you could save a bundle on…?. It's a robocall, another automated telemarketer. Nowadays, robocalls...

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Mister Swanson

Just change your voice-mail to tell people that due to robo-calls and scammers, you screen all calls from numbers you do not recognize, and you will call them back provided they leave a message. Step two, only answer calls from folks you know

Brenda Webb

I used to get a lot of spam calls until the day they caught me in my mood. I answered Thank you for call the federal bureau of investigation, how may I direct your call. Boom they hang up and never call back. another one was, 911. this is 911 what is your emergency ? , The one I giggle about is , Thank you for calling homeland security how may I direct your call. any of those work great. mess with me and I will get you served. lol


ii use block calls, do not disturb and the do not call registry and I still get dozens of calls every day. NOTHING stops them.


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