‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Starring in Western With ‘Blue Bloods’ Actor

As Western films have gotten a little more scarce over the years, we celebrate any upcoming release.

From “Cry Macho” by Clint Eastwood to “The Harder They Fell” with Idris Elba to even TV series like “Yellowstone,” the genre is still sticking around. Now we have the upcoming Western film “The Redeemer” to also look forward to.

There is not currently a set release date for the film. The production will likely begin in Montana sometime this month.

‘The Redeemer’ Stars ‘Bosch’ and ‘Blue Bloods’ Characters

In the meantime, we’ve got plenty to latch onto as the cast of “The Redeemer” has been announced. According to Deadline, the lead actor of the series will be Titus Welliver. He is most known for his title role in the TV series “Bosch,” which wrapped up its seventh season in June 2021. He plays a veteran of the Gulf War and Afghanistan that is now working in the Hollywood homicide division.

You may also recognize him from “Lost,” “Deadwood,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

The “Bosch” actor will also star alongside Robert Clohessy. He is the father of the director of “The Redeemer,” Myles Clohessy. Robert is also well known for his role as Lieutenant Sid Gormley on the CBS drama “Blue Bloods.”

In addition to that, Robert Clohessy has appeared in the HBO prison drama “Oz” and in “Boardwalk Empire.” Now, the two veteran drama and crime actors will unite on “The Redeemer.” The rest of the cast is also very solid as well. Mo Brings Plenty and Eddie Spears from “Yellowstone” will both be in the movie. Brandon Routh, Timothy V. Murphy, Irene Bedard, and Baylee Toney will all be in the film as well.

Plot and Importance of Film

The movie with “Bosch” and “Blue Bloods” actors is set during the 1880s. Welliver will play another war veteran in this film. This time his war hero character embarks on a mission alongside his son in order to rescue his Native American wife.

In fact, the director has made it clear this movie is going to share a lot of history and respect for the native tribes of the area.

“[M]y utmost gratitude to the many members of the indigenous tribes of Montana for their assistance in bringing accuracy and a timely and relevant importance to this story. This film is dedicated to them and to the women of these Native American tribes both path and present who still have to fight for equal justice and safety in this country. Taken but not forgotten,” Myles Clohessy said to Deadline as well.

This will be one of the first credits Clohessy has as a director. His IMDb page shows that he currently has several movies in pre-production and “The Redeemer” is in the filming process.

He is also a writer and an actor.

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I love Titus! I’ve seen his Bosch series twice now. Love that show. He’s good in anything he’s in. Can’t wait!!


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