The One App You Should Delete Immediately On Your iPhone, According To Privacy Experts


In your never-ending quest to keep your iPhone and other tech devices as secure as possible, you might make assumptions about the danger of certain apps, while overlooking the real dangers of others. Given how often we hear about privacy concerns with Facebook and Instagram (just two examples), it’s perfectly understandable why you might be more suspicious of social media apps. But they aren’t the only ones that are contributing to a less safe situation for you, according to privacy experts. Yousun Allen, CEO at Yosun UV Printer, spoke with about the one app you should delete immediately on your iPhone. And it’s probably not the one you think.

Apps for Wallpaper or Flashlight

Apps like Facebook are pretty obvious when it comes to privacy and data breaches – after all, you willingly provide them with the data they can then turn around and sell to advertisers. But, as Allen explains, some applications are primarily designed for aesthetic purposes, such as adding a splash of color to the device or allowing users to customize their phones. “These may look innocent at first glance, especially if they merely provide a selection of wallpapers or lighting options,” Allen says. “They might, in fact, have been designed for more. The majority of hackers utilize ‘harmless’ programs to record keystrokes, acquire login passwords, or gather important data. Contour Level Wallpaper, Super Wallpapers Flashlight, Daily Horoscope Wallpapers, Flashlight for iPhone + iPad, Powerful Flashlight, Anime Live Wallpaper, and Super Bright Flashlight are just a handful of the apps you should avoid.”

VPN Hosting Apps

And while you are in the process of discarding apps that are potential hazards to your security, Allen says there’s another one that is worthy of your radar: VPN hosting apps. “Businesses and people that want to hide their whereabouts frequently use apps that run virtual private networks (VPNs),” Allen says. “Using private networks is a sensible security precaution. However, certain VPN programs, such as IPVanish VPN and SuperVPN, include serious flaws that might lead to MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks. Furthermore, you must initially reveal your info to them in order to hide your identity.”

The more you know about the apps that aren’t usually in the spotlight, but can be just as damaging as a Facebook, the better your chances at staying secure and safe.

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