Prince Charles Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth’s Successor Tells Monarch He Wants Prince William To Be King? Heir Not Ready To Rule

Cover picture for the articlePrince Charles allegedly told Queen Elizabeth he's not ready to be king after years of waiting. Prince Charles previously broke records as the longest-serving “king in waiting.” And since he’s already in his 70s, the heir to the throne will also become the oldest king of Britain when he ascends the...

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It would be WONDERFUL if Parliament acted upon the Regency Act, and allow Prince William to be the next heir and king. Queen Elizabeth swore an oath to serve the Commonwealth until her last breath during her Coronation. She has kept that oath, and I respect her so much. I wonder if what was written in that article is anywhere close to the truth? Camilla must madder than a hatter, you KNOW she wants to be ‘queen’. Sorry, just do not respect either of them.

Randy Heltzinger

Well considering his Royal divorce from Dianna and his late age he must feel better suited to retirement and allow his oldest to reign as the next King of England where he will be mentor and counsellor on the traditions to the Royal Crown for the past 500 plus years.

Lori Dettelbach

Its why Queen elizabeth never gave up throne. I don't think she thinks he would be able to handle it..Prince William's I believe is ready..


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