Jeff Bezos Brings Jaw-Dropping Prediction for the Earth’s Future: No More Newborns on Our Planet

Cover picture for the articleIf the past and present are pretty uncertain nowadays, everybody wants to bring their predictions for what will happen on our planet in the far future. On that list we can also find the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, the one and only Jeff Bezos. Space travel is...

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Constitutional American

Look at the World Economic Forum and DAVOS websites. look at all of their partners in their lists and you'll see corporations and billionaires who have ties to everyone of them. They're goal is "Sustainable Development " which was previously called "Agenda 21" on the United Nations website just a few years back. Those billionaire and trillionaire elites are saying that the rest of us consume too much which will create disastrous things to happen in the future. meanwhile, they're flying all around the world in private jets. Crossing oceans on super yachts, own multiple million dollar homes, are catered to in every way you can think but the working people are the problem?

Joshua Wulf

Let me guess, all future new borns will be assembled in a special Amazon factory and then shipped to proud parents via drones?

Warren B

stealization comes with those shots, so If you believe in them so much, get your kids in there and say good bye to any grandkids.


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