Transgender woman left with broken jaw after guards put her in male prison, lawsuit claims

The Independent
The Independent

A transgender woman was badly beaten after being forced to share a jail cell with three men last year, leaving her with a jaw fractured in two places, according to a lawsuit.

Kristina Frost is suing San Diego County and its sheriff’s department for damages, accusing them of negligence and failure to protect or deliberate indifference to safety risks and needs.

According to the lawsuit, Ms Frost’s driver’s licence and other paperwork said she was a woman, and she had been wearing “feminine” clothes at the time of her booking.

However, she was placed against her wishes in a “minimally monitored” cell with three men, as deputies allegedly repeatedly misgendered her both verbally and on official reports.

One of the men she was forced to share a cell with viciously assaulted her in her sleep, breaking her jaw with “closed-fist punches" to the face during the attack, the lawsuit claims.

According to Ms Frost, none of the deputies who witnessed the assault “immediately intervened” to help, reports Insider.

Ms Frost needed two surgeries for her broken jaw and now has to wear dentures as a result of her injuries, according to the lawsuit.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Policy says the gender identity of arrestees should be respected, and training documents specify that people spending time in jail should be taken to prison facilities that are suitable for their gender identity.

However, a 2020 NBC News investigation showed that this is rarely the case, with transgender people in US prisons almost always placed in cells according to the gender assigned to them at birth.

NBC News’s research tracked 4,890 transgender state prisoners and was able to confirm just 15 cases in which a person was housed according to their lived gender.

Ms Frost’s daughter is currently running a fundraising effort to pay for her mother’s hospital bills at .

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Tamara Starks

wanna be women but don't wanna have cycles every month, menopause nor give birth to babies; just wanna dress up, act cute and demand rights because of something they chose. God makes no mistakes, its only a He or she, not a shim! Its an insult, if you can't go thru ALL the women go thru then remain being who you were born

Alice Mak

When you decided to become a man and went through all the necessary procedure, don’t expect people will put you in a women jail. Like after you become a man, you are not supposed to use the women restroom. Period.

Wade Jordan

no,,,, a man was left with a broken jaw after being put in a male prison. No such thing as transgender. your either male or female. what you have between your legs identifies that. How you dress or present yourself is irrelevant.


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