Gabby Barrett has a Dolly Parton cover up her big sleeves


If you missed Gabby Barrett on-stage or walking the red carpet at last week’s CMA Awards , you may need to get your eyes checked. The 21-year-old gave us drama with two custom made dresses that had some big-time sleeves.

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“I absolutely loved that outfit,” Gabby told Audacy's Katie Neal of her dramatic white performance dress with never ending sleeves. “It was a custom make, as well as my carpet outfit. They were really fun to make and design. I thought it was fitting to the song and the special event.”

Turns out the performance dress needed “sleeve handlers” to make sure the fabric was falling correctly for the performance. Can we just say, that’s when you know you’ve made it… When your sleeves have their own people!

“My stylists definitely helped with carrying them up on that stage,” Gabby said. “Just because it [was] white, it gets so dirty so easy… They’d literally tell me like, ‘Don’t touch your dress!’”

Only fitting that Gabby’s sleeves were big because she’s got something big up them for her upcoming album release… a Dolly Parton cover!

“I did, ‘I Will Always Love You,’” Barrett revealed of the cover set to be included in her Goldmine (Deluxe) album, set to release November 19. “[Reason] one because I love Dolly Parton…. She’s somebody I absolutely love and has inspired me in a lot of ways. [Number Two], I always like to sing songs that felt a little bit more challenging just to challenge myself and I kind of did it more in the style of Whitney Houston.”

Also set to release on the new album is a wedding version of Barrett’s fan favorite, “The Good Ones.”

“A lot of people said they were using it for their weddings, so on my Goldmine (Deluxe) album… I have a wedding version of ‘The Good Ones’ coming out specifically for people who want to use it for those types of events,” Gabby said after sharing she received many messages from fans who were using the song for their weddings. “It’s very special.”

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