Green Bay Packers Have Released Notable Quarterback

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With Aaron Rodgers officially back, the Green Bay Packers did some backup quarterback shuffling on Monday afternoon. The Packers activated Kurt Benkert from the practice squad Reserve/COVID-19 list and released former No. 3 overall pick Blake Bortles. Green Bay originally brought Bortles into the fold...

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Sue Underwood

Athletes are paid way too much money I mean come on they’re throwing a ball around somewhere or hitting a ball or kicking a ball when our veterans are fighting for our freedom and they don’t get that money something is wrong in America


How is this even possible to know when they don’t have a test that will differentiate between Covid and the common flu.

ryan persaud

They should have cut Rodgers from the team since he lied about his vaccinated status. So now you can lose thr season and pick the number 1 draft pick instantly in the first round . Which means a younger and stronger quarterback with someone who understands the importance of being vaccinated fully not lying about it. Rodgers is old and way to damaged to lead a team to a super bowl and win it . This is why all teams should cut their players who are 35 and over since they are damaged goods afterwards. It's time teams learn only keep players under the age of 35 anybody past that instantly cut from the team. a wise team owner knows you only win super bowls with younger players under 35 not beyond age 35. Football is not a old man's game a player past 35 is one tackle away from a career ending injury. Older players who are 35 or older are injury prone too much and a major liability not any asset.


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