Christina Haack Says Fiancé Josh Hall 'Walked 3 Miles at 3 AM' to Get Her Medicine for Stomach Pain


Cover picture for the articleChristina Haack is giving props to her fiancé, Josh Hall, after he embarked on a middle-of-the-night trek to get medicine for her. The Christina on the Coast star, 38, shared a photo of the Austin-based realtor, to whom she announced her engagement in September, on Instagram Sunday alongside a sentimental caption,...

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Black Cat 11

With all their money, they have no car, she's nothing more than a mental case. The pool guy was probably waiting in the bushes waiting for him to walk the 3 miles then have a romp in the haack

Kit Kat

Lol yeah um is he really that great or are you probably seeking attention Christina. A 3 mile walk would only delay your pain. This young lady clearly does have attention seeking issues. She doesn't personally deal with the core of them. If I were here I'd take time out for deep therapy and swear off dating anyone. This guy will only be another relationship casualty. It's not possible to not work on yourself to figure out what your issues are before being in the place where you can truly be successful in a relationship.It's not fair to the men or your children when there is such an influx. I don't think she's really in love. I think she sees that her 2 exes have moved on and she's still not happy within herself. If you run get engaged get married as long as you don't work on yourself you will repeat your mistakes over and over.

Joanne Bakley

what's the matter he has no driver's license no car no car insurance walk 3 miles really seriously who are you trying to impress he only loves the money


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