American MMA fighter Michael Chandler needed 22 stitches on his bruised and swollen face after a brutal UFC war

Michael Chandler fought Justin Gaethje in a three-round war earlier this month.
  • Michael Chandler needed 22 stitches in his face after losing a grueling bout against Justin Gaethje.
  • Despite defeat, the UFC rewarded Chandler with a $50,000 bonus check.
  • The American fighter is also in the running to fight Conor McGregor when the Irishman returns.

American MMA fighter Michael Chandler needed 22 stitches on his bruised and swollen face after losing a brutal UFC war against Justin Gaethje earlier this month.

The two lightweights combined to throw 451 strikes, many of which were shots deemed significant by official UFC statistics, for 15 minutes over three rounds.

The match was the first fight on the main card of the 14-bout UFC 268 event that took place November 6 inside Madison Square Garden, New York City.

Both fighters left the arena for the hospital and posed for a selfie after the grueling battle.

Footage has recently surfaced that shows the effect Gaethje's damaging blows had on Chandler. He needed stitches for a cut above his right eye, and also on his lip.
Michael Chandler receives hospital treatment after his UFC match with Justin Gaethje.

Watch the video here:

Chandler said he made "questionable decisions" during the fight, in a statement made on Instagram last week.

"But we had a blast! Ill-advised yet entertaining is my strong suit," said Chandler. "To the fans: I appreciate your guys' support on this journey. The best is yet to come! See you at the top!"

Chandler received a $50,000 bonus check despite the defeat because of his role in a bout considered so awesome by UFC officials that the company awarded it their "Fight of the Night" honor.

The 35-year-old could also be in the running to fight Conor McGregor , the former two-weight UFC champion currently recovering from a broken leg he suffered in his second successive loss to Dustin Poirier earlier this year.

McGregor could return midway through 2022 and says he welcomes a match with Chandler in the future.

Responding to a tweet of Chandler's, which contained a mock face-off involving the pair, McGregor said: "I'm down at some stage for sure. Great fight the other night Mike, congrats!"

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