Adele says her father hadn’t listened to her music for years until she played new album before his death

The Independent
The Independent

Adele opened up about her relationship with her father during an interview with Oprah Winfrey .

During the conversation, which aired on Sunday (14 November) on CBS in the US, Adele said her father, Mark Evans, didn’t listen to her music for years.

The only song he had listened to, she said, was her 2007 single “Hometown Glory”.

“He was like, it’s too painful. He would switch it off and he never ever played any of my other music,” Adele told Winfrey.

The situation changed shortly before Evans’s death of bowel cancer in May this year.

In April, Adele and her father were able to have a conversation she says brought her much-needed closure. During the exchange, Adele played him her forthcoming album, 30, on Zoom.

“I felt that huge gaping hole filled,” Adele told Winfrey of the conversation she had with her father. “We forgave each other. ... We found our peace together, and then I played the album to him on Zoom.”

Adele told Rolling Stone in an interview published on 11 November that her father was the first person to hear her new songs.

The singer will unveil 30 , her fourth studio album, on 19 November.

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