Aaron Rodgers’ Estranged Dad Breaks His Silence

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The Spun
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Aaron Rodgers’ estranged father has weighed in on the situation involving the Green Bay Packers star quarterback. The Packers quarterback made his return to the field on Sunday, after missing a game due to a positive COVID-19 test. Rodgers, who previously...

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Janet Weitkamp

truth be told, he still lied! he followed conspiracy theories, defied the NFL rules by not wearing a mask in certain circumstances that he agreed to. He exposed his team .

Joyce Hyatt

Rodgers just felt like it was none of their d___ business.He is allergic to vaccines. If I were allergic, I would not get the vaccinations, either. And they could take me to jail if need be. I would not risk my life!

David W. Calhoun

Just leave Rogers alone and let him play football at least he didn't beat up a woman! Or drive his car drunk and kill a bunch of people. My God people get so frustrated with the smallest of little things. And let him have his own relationship to with his Hollywood girlfriend. Goat is an awesome quarterback and person he handles himself well compared to other athletes.


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