College coach fired after sideline incident

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Cover picture for the articleAfter just 13 games, Jimmy Lake’s time as Washington’s head coach ended Sunday, sources told Yahoo Sports' Pete Thamel. Washington confirmed the Yahoo Sports report via statement from athletic director Jen Cohen:. "Making a head coaching change in any sport is difficult, recognizing that the decision impacts coaches, staff,...

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Daniel Boening

Any of you arm chair psychologists ever have to reign in an out of control , 230lb finely tuned physically fit young man that has been trained to take themselves to the edge of aggression on the football field? You snap him back by doing exactly what the coach did. I was surprised he was so easy on him. The kids anger and testosterone was at a point of loss of control. He wasn’t thinking clearly and was obviously out of control. This was in front of fans, and his team mates, and now the world. I watched that game and that incident, and the coach did exactly what he had to do to de-escalate and defuse the situation. If the Athletic Director, and Psychology Department want to fire the guy, this incident should not be the reason for it. Washington will NEVER have an elite team, without discipline, ever! That’s what makes a team a team! That’s what makes warriors warriors. Without discipline a street thug will never stop being a street thug until he realizes it’s taking him nowhere or he’

Sherry CC

His firing was ridiculous. What was he supposed to do? Take his hand and have a polite discussion about his behavior? Oh please...


Remember Coach Lou Holtz grabbing his Notre Dame players face mask and violently pulling on it? I don't think he ever got in trouble over that. How can you not miss the good old days?


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