Paul Finebaum calls out Lincoln Riley, tells Oklahoma coach to stop whining
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Paul Finebaum had strong words on Sportscenter for Lincoln Riley following Oklahoma’s loss to Baylor. Things got testy as the clock ran to zero in the contest, and Finebaum eviscerated the Sooners coach for his actions.

“Well, first of all, I mean, Dave Aranda had every right to do this based on the antiquated rules of the Big 12 .. which allow in a tiebreaker the differential of point. So, had it turned out in three weeks that that Baylor misses out on the Big 12 championship game by by two points. I think a lot of people would be wondering why he didn’t do it,” stated Finebaum. “But the most amazing, egregious thing is Lincoln Riley whining.

“Remember, he’s part of the University of Oklahoma, which helped found the Big 12. Which guess what? In July announced ‘we’re leaving to go to the SEC.’ Cry no tears for Lincoln Riley or Oklahoma right now. Come on, get over it Lincoln.”

Evidently, Finebaum feels no sorrow for Riley after the Sooners’ College Football Playoff hopes came crashing down. As Oklahoma’s offense was stymied, Baylor ended their undefeated season.

However, it was a moment at the end of the game to which Finebaum alludes. As the clock neared zero seconds, fans began to rush the field. Somewhat surprisingly. Baylor was lining up for a field goal attempt.

With his team in the locker room, Riley lit into the officials as he attempted to get a penalty called on the Bears. Instead, his team returned, and Baylor kicked the field goal — which was later revealed not to be a sign of disrespect, but in hopes of winning a tie-breaker over Oklahoma.

Still, Paul Finebaum has a simple message for Lincoln Riley — buck up, the SEC is coming in the future.

Lincoln Riley calls out Dave Aranda, Baylor after late field goal

As Finebaum criticizes Riley for his actions on the field, the Oklahoma coach was still reeling following the game. Post-game, Riley called out Dave Aranda and Baylor for their late field goal.

“Lincoln Riley said he was upset that Baylor wasn’t assessed a 15-yard penalty for the field rushing,” tweeted Jason Kersey of The Athletic. “He also said he understands why Dave Aranda kicked the FG, but said he wouldn’t have done it and that it goes against a ‘code of sportsmanship.'”

Oklahoma entered the game as a 5-point favorite, but just didn’t have an answer for Baylor in the second half. The two teams were tied at halftime, but Baylor scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to come away with its eighth win of the season.

The game is sure to shake things up in the Big 12 standings. Oklahoma entered Saturday with a one-game lead over Oklahoma State for first. Baylor, meanwhile, was a game back of the Cowboys in third place. Oklahoma State takes on TCU tonight in what’s now a huge game in the Big 12.

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How many times has he run up the score to get style points. Hypocrisy at its finest.


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