Princess Diana Reportedly Never Wanted to “Truly Give Up” on Her Marriage to Prince Charles

Cover picture for the articleChances are, some of us don’t remember Princess Diana and Princes Charles’s divorce, but it was a looooong process. As in, they separated in 1992 and didn’t actually make it official till years later. And according to royal expert Emma Cooper, Princess Diana wanted to make the relationship work....

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Nancy Nma

Oh yes we do and Charles destroyed a wonderful human being. How could they ever think he could lead the monarchy. I believe the monarchy needs to be dissolved

Barbara Kessler

unfortunately, it doesn't matter how much one person wants to work at the marriage if the other party has already checked out (of the marriage) & into a new relationship or rekindled a previous one.

Kathy King

I think she knew early in her marriage that he only married her to have a heir to the throne. He loves Camilla he has for years even before Diana. I think she stayed because of her children at least till they were older before her and dodie got together. I do believe she wanted her marriage to work and stayed with it as long as she could till they wanted her out for good they made her think she was free to go


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