Blake Shelton Heartbreak: Gwen Stefani Turned Off By Husband's 'Doughy And Sweaty' Physique? The Voice Coach To Reportedly Get Liposuction Before Christmas

Cover picture for the articleBlake Shelton, reportedly, wants belly fats gone in time for holiday feasts!. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani shocked everyone when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in July. Wedding rumors plagued the couple after the No Doubt singer was seen donning a diamond ring on her left...

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Rosey Jenkins

Blake don’t let a women tell you what to do she knew what you looked like when she married you! Get real she looks so not real!!

Apache girl

She could use a little meat on her bones. Just the start of complaining about everything about Blake she never did before. She is gonna leave and put the blame totally on Blake. Can't you see it coming? That's how all women start the leave.

Carol Portley

r u kidding me? thought she loved BLAKE. SOUNDS LIKE 2 ME SHE GOT HIM TIED DOWN, NOW IS READY 2 MOLD HIM INTO WHAT SHE WANTS HIM 2 BE. HER TROPHY.I AGREE WITH ROSEY. dont let no women change u. she knew who u were when she married her. her new project!!!!!!!. u deserve better.


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