Max Verstappen fined €50,000 euros for touching Lewis Hamilton’s car

The Independent
The Independent

Max Verstappen has received a €50,000 euros (£42,681) fine after touching rival Lewis Hamilton’s car after qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was called to the stewards’ office at the Interlagos paddock with Formula One’s governing body (FIA) belatedly announcing their conclusion after four hours.

Lewis Hamilton’s fate remains unclear after allegedly making a technical breach on his Mercedes.

The FIA’s judgement will be delivered before today’s sprint race which starts at 4.30pm (7.30pm UK).

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said Verstappen’s conduct had become commonplace.

“I think, as we’ve seen with many, many drivers, they sometimes have a look around at what’s going on with the other cars. That’s all it was, a bit of inquisitiveness. Nothing more,” he told Sky Sports television.

“We’ve had drivers pull our clutch paddles, we’ve had heads in cockpits, we’ve had front wings tested, tyres pushed, cars rolled around. It’s not something that’s unusual. It’s never been brought up or even discussed previously.

“Obviously Mercedes’ straight-line speed is very impressive. I think he’s maybe just having a look at that. Drivers are very inquisitive animals sometimes, aren’t they? We’ve seen that many, many times.”

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