Freddie Freeman reportedly turned down big money contract from Braves

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Freddie Freeman has donned only a single uniform throughout his Major League Baseball career. And if the Atlanta Braves have their way, it’s the only uniform he’ll ever wear. But the path to that end may not come without come some hiccups. Freeman is currently...

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Garrick Respress

Braves win the World Series with or without Freddie Freeman. If our Braves overpay him ($33.3M would be 28% higher than the highest paid 1B), we will be saddled with having to overpay all of these young Braves. Freeman may not be a top 3 talent with Acuña, Riley, Albies and an emerging Duval. I love Freddie, but I would shake his hand and thank him for his service.

Tom Luther

While I’d like to see him stay with the Braves, he is arguably the 3rd best player on the team at this stage in his career. How good will he be in 4 years, or 6? All these players are overpaid, and the teams make so much money from TV, etc. that they could give fans a break on ticket prices and $8 beers. Average Joe Fan can’t afford to go to many games anymore.


Let him go he isn’t worth what the Braves offered him. I guess since the Braves eon the World Series he thinks he walks on water.


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