Art Walk takes place in downtown Yuma

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FOX 9's Adam Klepp speaks with artists displaying their work

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) - The Yuma Art Walk took place Friday night in downtown Yuma on Main Street.

It was an opportunity for artists to come together and display their work, as well as for locals to support them.
Layne's Beach Painting with 3-D Flip Flops

Dozens of local artists came out displaying everything from paintings to pottery on display.

Andrew Layne is a Yuma-based artist who also teaches in the community. He enjoys creating paintings of nature with three-dimensional aspects.

"The art community in Yuma is really strong," Layne said. "Being part of that community, you collaborate with other artists, share ideas, and that's how your art really grows."
Holly Hendrick with her Yuma plate.

Another artist on Main Street was Holly Hendrick, who's also an art teacher for Cibola High School. She says she is happy being able to share her art locally.

"I grew up in this town; it means everything to be able to share my art with young people coming up," Hendrick shared. "People come by, ask questions, and it's an opportunity for me to educate them, and I'm really blessed to be able to do that."

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