Sheree Whitfield Says NeNe Leakes Would Do Anything To Stay Relevant And Famous

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She’s baaaaack. You got baseboards!? If not, GET SOME . Sheree Whitfield has officially been included as a full-time cast member on season 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta . This season promises the ultimate cast shake up as viewers say goodbye to Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams . Instead we will be graced with Sheree, Marlo Hampton , and some of Porsha’s leftovers Drew Sidora to round it out. It’s anyone’s guess how this will go.

Sheree always seems to split RHOA fans in half. Some find her lackluster while others think she’s hilarious. She definitely brings the one-liners, which is always appreciated. And she’s 100% unafraid to go for the neck of her cast mates. I can’t wait to see what she and Kenya Moore get into. But enough about that. Let’s talk old grudges.

Sheree and Nene Leakes have shared season after season together on RHOA . That means we got the good tea on Nene when Sheree’s interview was included in the recently released Real Housewives tell all book Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It. In a screenshot shared by @realhousewivesofatltotaltea Sheree’s interview was given to the masses.

The screenshot shared shows quotes from Carlos King , an executive producer for Real Housewives. He shared, “ Nene became a huge star after season 1. I saw it coming…She didn’t believe me. She was like ‘Shut up bitch.'” Carlos added to his argument saying. “She just made everyone laugh. She was fun and hilarious. She had it .” Former Housewife DeShawn Snow also claimed, “We all knew Nene was going to be a breakout star.” Apparently Sheree thought the same thing, though she delivered in a different way.

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Sheree revealed in her interview that Nene actually wanted to act. Apparently she’d been on a quest for fame long before the RHOA era. She explained, “[Nene] wanted to be on TV. This was her passion. She was taking acting classes back then. So for her to even get this opportunity to do this show, she jumped at it. She worked her way in there. She did what she had to do to stay relevant.”

Carlos added, “ Nene knows the moment the camera is on. She doesn’t want to be interrupted, She doesn’t want you to tell her what to do. Nene is savvy.” Sheree chimed in to say exactly what I was thinking. She said, “It’s just not genuine. She puts it all on. Nene would do anything to be famous.” Bloop.

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Gui Griffin

sheree is just hating on NeNe. I don't like Sheree. RHOA, won't never be anything without NeNe Leakes on the show. you see since she's been gone, how sown Hill it has gone....Stop hating Sheree. You wish you were in NeNe shoes. Oh I forgot, wasn't NeNe the person who brought you (Sheree) to the show? She's trying to have a storyline. NeNe is not on the show, but of course y'all have to bring her up...smh

Joie Clay

She by whoever she is know good.and well she needs a check. We ain't seen the joggers, or the house?? She need to sit down cause she trying to be relevant by having NeNe as in her mouth. Girl bye. We all know you jealous.

Vicki Hale Ebb

I wish Kenya Moore would leave she work hard to get Nene off the show cause she wanted Nene spot and she is not a nice person. She wanted to be the big Peace.


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