As one of the first White kids in a Black school, I learned not to fear history

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleEarly in 1971, my sixth-grade class at Mosby Middle School in Richmond performed a play based on a 1951 science fiction story by Ray Bradbury. “The Other Foot” depicts future African Americans, despairing of ever being treated equally on Earth, establishing their own colony on Mars. Years later, wars make Earth...

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James Fleming

And yes that was many decades ago.I lived in all black areas of Atlanta 40 years ago.Trained for the marathon running their streets.Wouldnt do that today .Yet once again our national press is selling us a pile of journalism school.


I get tired of being told I have to compensate for the way people were once treated that I never participated in. I reject that silly idea. My responsibility is to treat others the way I want them to treat me: with respect, consideration, and fairness. Anything else is a flim-flam and I’m not accepting it.

Edward Blancett

What about History Engineering for Political and Personal Gain. Because that's what CRT IS and they're not ashamed to use children to Fleece America with a Very Small Portion of History. All the Damage Black did to other Black is History too. Shall we make that Curriculum? It's more Current and Accurate than CRT


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