Watch Lil Nas X Learn His Boyfriend Is Married in Dramatic Maury Show Teaser

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Cover picture for the articleWatch: Lil Nas X Long-Awaited Album "Montero" Drops & We React!. It's another shocking episode of the Maury Show, and it's next guest is...Lil Nas X?. That's right! The 22-year-old artist is set to appear on the Nov. 17 episode with his now-ex-boyfriend Yai Ariza. And if the 40-second teaser is...

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Bessie Ferguson

They are very sad people. Why do they feel the need to expose their sexual preferences all over the media. I am sure, people like me and a lot of others are not interested in knowing who they are pumping in the butt with. keep your private affairs to your self.

MegaTroy & Griffany

Lil Nas will do ANY THING for attention. This appearance on Maury is just another excuse to parade his homosexuality. It's either Lie (staged for publicity)....or true with him finding out his lover was married and them choosing to re-enact it on TV for the he'll of it (attention).

Happy cat

What a joke this guy is that he'd show up on a show like Maurys🙄


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