The United States Is the Only Country That Can Bomb Other Countries Without Being at War


Cover picture for the articleThe United States is the only country that can drop bombs on other countries without being at war. Thursday was Veterans Day, which some media outlets greeted with headlines and chyrons about how this was the first November 11 in two decades where the U.S. is not fighting people in faraway...

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Thomas Jackson

The post is misleading propaganda. What, does the United States randomly bomb other nations for fun, or for convenience? First off we're not the only ones. Given our technological superiority to the entirety of the planet, it's presumed of we're willing to attack anyone, it's due to credible data, and has a credible reason dictating it. Ironically we're the only nation on the planet that supports journalist's ability to spread untrue information.

Charles Seybert

the left keeps poking the right with their loaded lying accusations, trying to destroy our nation, and your worried about other countries! I feel its time to pledge aledgence to the flag and to the republic for which it stands one nation one God indivisible with liberty and justice for all..

Gerald Goggin

the USA is very handyWe be beat Britain We fought Germany twice in won.woop Japan in the pacific3 Guerrilla wars KoreaVietnamAfghanistanBeat Irag twicewe our warrior nation and Im proud to be an American


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