Kyle Rittenhouse spokesperson hits back at LeBron James, media for fake crying claims

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleKyle Rittenhouse’s spokesperson hit back at LeBron James on Friday after the NBA superstar mocked the 18-year-old on Twitter for crying in court while testifying in his murder trial. "It absolutely was not [fake crying]. To LeBron, I would just say he should be paying more attention to the...

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Tate Cain

No one ever mentions the fact that he was there to administer first aid and help innocent people, and then when a group of people try to chase him down and beat him with a skateboard, he shoots them in self defense. I would do the same. Most of y'all would probably do the same if you were put in that situation. Doesn't matter if they're white, black, brown or anything else, if you believe your in mortal danger, you shoot.

Thinker -

😅😅😅they always talking about having a sit down....its nothing to sit down about..we all seen that horrible acting job!!!

Charles Smith

I fully support what LeBron said. The racist whites in this country have a crying game history. The political ones in power also glory in the death of people they don't agree with.This country is over no turning back now. Might as well give everyone a gun and tell them to face each other for a standoff.


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