This Colorado Farm Serves The Best Fried Chicken In The Whole State

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Crunchy, crispy, juicy. Those words and much more define a classic comfort food in America: fried chicken.

People love to enjoy it as drumsticks, breasts, in a sandwich, and many other dishes. Whether you're cooking it at home or picking it up from your favorite restaurant , you can't go wrong.

Speaking of restaurants, Mashed put out a list of the best places to grab some fried chicken in each state. Where's the best fried chicken in Colorado?

According to the website, that honor goes to...

Juniper Valley Ranch !

This is what Mashed had to say about the Colorado farm:

"The best fried chicken in the state of Colorado can be found in the middle of nowhere at a family farm that has been around for more than 100 years. Juniper Valley Ranch, located about 20 miles south of Colorado Springs, has been serving fried chicken since 1951, and patrons continuously sing their praises, with the fried chicken taking center stage. Order the yummy Skillet Fried Chicken, which comes with an appetizer, sides, a dessert, and a drink."

Juniper Valley Ranch is located at 16350 S State Highway 115 in Colorado Springs.

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