Toxic makeup: Research finds "forever chemicals" in most drugstore and high-end brands


Cover picture for the articleCHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — It’s a part of most people's daily routines – putting on makeup. But some of those products could contain poisons never listed on the ingredients list. From drugstores to high-end brands, some makeup brands may contain PFAS or forever chemicals that never break down. "It's very...

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Debbie Ludwig

Not just makeup I searched an ingredient in my jergins ultra skin lotion cause I wondered why any aluminum was in it, it's called aluminum starch octenylsuccinate well look it up, it's toxic and harmful to organs, nervous system, reproduction, birthor development!!!, found in certain lipsticks, skin moisturizers, face powders, eye-shadows, my tube went right in the garbage and now I'm more aware


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