Spotlight 29 Showroom to celebrate the holidays with José Feliciano: 50th anniversary of Feliz Navidad performance

KESQ News Channel 3
KESQ News Channel 3

One of the most beloved Christmas songs is coming to the Spotlight 29 Casino on its 50th anniversary.

Spotlight Showroom at Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella will ring in the holidays with a special event called “José Feliciano: 50th Anniversary of Feliz Navidad Performance.

The concert will take place at the Showroom on December 18, 2021 at 8 PM. Ticket prices are $55, $50, $45, $40, and $35. A special VIP booth is available for $70.

Tickets can be purchased at .

Internationally celebrated musician, singer and composer José Feliciano has released more than fifty albums worldwide in both English and Spanish and is best known for his many international hits, including his rendition of the Doors' "Light My Fire."

His music is known for its fusion of styles—Latin, jazz, blues, soul and rock—created primarily with his unique, signature acoustic guitar sound. His oftentimes mellow easy listening influences are easily recognizable in many songs heard around the world. In the United States,

Feliciano first received widespread popularity in the 1960s after his 1968 album “Feliciano!” reached number two on the music charts.

In 1970, Feliciano released an album of Christmas music, originally entitled “José Feliciano,” festively resembling a Christmas present in gold wrapping with a big green and red bow. Later, the album would assume the name "Feliz Navidad," after the new Christmas song Feliciano had written for the album as an homage to his childhood growing up in Puerto Rico.

"Feliz Navidad" has been covered internationally by countless artists, becoming a traditional part of the musical landscape around the world at Christmas time. Each year during the Christmas season, "Feliz Navidad" returns to the airwaves as one of the most played and most downloaded songs of the season.

"Feliz Navidad" is also recognized by ASCAP as one of the 25 all-time most-played Christmas songs in the world and it is in the Grammy Hall of Fame. The classic Christmas song is one of the top 10-performing hits in the decade-plus history of Billboard's Holiday 100 chart, and one of the most popular Latin songs of all time.

Regarding the best-selling Christmas single, “It just came to me; there’s no rhyme or reason,” Feliciano recently told Billboard magazine. “The first lyric came to me, then I put the English lyric into it, not realizing I had made it the only bilingual Christmas song ever in the world. I created a monster.”

José Feliciano is recognized as the first Latin Artist to effectively cross over into the English music market, opening the doors for other artists who now play an important role in the American music industry.

For more information about this performance, call 760-775-5566 or go to

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