The Fastest Selling Cars in America Right Now

24/7 Wall St.
24/7 Wall St.
 2021-11-11 The U.S. auto market cooled slightly in October compared to the previous month, as the average days to sell increased, but demand still remained high as inventories around the country and the world continued to be constrained because of the shortage in microchips. Automakers had to lower their output, and some even scrapped entire model years of certain vehicles.

This shortage drove up prices and caused some vehicles to fly off of dealer lots in a matter of days. In October 2021, the average new vehicle sold in 31.7 days. Yet there were 20 cars that sold in under 15 days on average.

To determine the fastest selling cars in America right now, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the list of The Hottest New and Used Cars in October from car search engine iSeeCars. New vehicles were ranked based on their average days to sell in the U.S. market.

The high demand for new vehicles is making many of the cars on this list much more expensive. As inventory tightens, these popular vehicles are selling for much more than their manufacturers suggested retail price -- sometimes by thousands of dollars.

Most of the fastest selling vehicles in America are SUVs. Drivers tend to prioritize safety and storage space, which SUVs and crossovers can provide. Larger cars tend to be sturdy, and many of the autos on this list are among the most likely to make it to at least 200,000 miles. These are the longest lasting cars on the road.

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20. Toyota Tacoma
> Avg. days to sell: 14.9 days
> Avg. price: $37,985

19. Kia K5
> Avg. days to sell: 14.8 days
> Avg. price: $29,245

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18. Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid
> Avg. days to sell: 14.6 days
> Avg. price: $40,623

17. Ford Maverick
> Avg. days to sell: 14.6 days
> Avg. price: $29,705

16. Honda Civic
> Avg. days to sell: 14.1 days
> Avg. price: $24,081

15. Chevrolet Corvette
> Avg. days to sell: 13.9 days
> Avg. price: $96,118

14. Subaru Outback
> Avg. days to sell: 13.8 days
> Avg. price: $36,726

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13. Subaru Forester
> Avg. days to sell: 12.6 days
> Avg. price: $32,855

12. Kia Carnival
> Avg. days to sell: 12.4 days
> Avg. price: $40,065

11. Mercedes-Benz GLE
> Avg. days to sell: 12.1 days
> Avg. price: $76,359

10. Subaru Crosstrek
> Avg. days to sell: 11.5 days
> Avg. price: $29,495

9. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
> Avg. days to sell: 11.4 days
> Avg. price: $36,259

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8. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
> Avg. days to sell: 10.8 days
> Avg. price: $60,980

7. Honda CR-V Hybrid
> Avg. days to sell: 10.6 days
> Avg. price: $35,254

6. Mercedes-Benz GLS
> Avg. days to sell: 9.9 days
> Avg. price: $92,577

5. Kia Telluride
> Avg. days to sell: 9.8 days
> Avg. price: $46,374

4. Toyota Sienna
> Avg. days to sell: 9.4 days
> Avg. price: $44,186

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3. Honda CR-V
> Avg. days to sell: 9.0 days
> Avg. price: $31,772

2. Toyota Highlander Hybrid
> Avg. days to sell: 7.9 days
> Avg. price: $47,287

1. Kia Seltos
> Avg. days to sell: 7.7 days
> Avg. price: $27,284

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