Odd Travel Tip Says Put a Crayon in Your Wallet – Here's Why

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As humans, we are fans of unique situations. That’s why we tune in to watch guys jump motorcycles over canyons, or unknown singers impress the nation with their talents or pudgy but still incredibly talented guys sliding rocks on ice to win a gold medal in the Olympics. We like to see people stepping as far away from the norm as they can possibly step.

And, you have to admit just based on the headline of this article this is not going to be anywhere close to what the vast majority of you would call the “norm”. “Why should you put a crayon in your wallet” is not the kind of question most of us go around asking our friends and family every day. Or, asking that question at all.


Believe it or not, after researching the answer to this question I can tell you there are two very legitimate reasons you would actually want to consider adopting this “unique’ behavior. One of those reasons is a matter of serenity, sanity, and peace of mind. The other reason could literally save the life of a child you’ve never met before.
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Where Did You Discover This Travel Tip?

Oddly enough, this “hack” was featured in an advertisement about travel merchandise and supplies. When I first read this tip I thought it was absolutely a hoax, a scam, or worse an invitation to the side of the Internet that is unclean.  But no, unlike the water bottle on your tires or stuffed animal in your bathing suit, this slightly sketchy travel tip has turned out to be unique. As far as those other two stories you can check them out on Snopes if you want.

What is the Actual Tip or Hack?

The verbiage for the hack that I found on Distractify a website that collects and investigates tips and tales such as this describes the hack this way. It’s a good idea to put a crayon in your wallet every time you travel. Now the article on Distractify also mentions that you should wrap the crayon on a piece of paper. The reason for that will be made clear in just a moment.
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Tell Me About the Serenity Aspect of Carrying a Crayon in My Wallet.

If you have ever been on a trip with a bored child then that’s all you need to know. A crayon and a blank piece of paper can mean hours of endless entertainment for that child. A busy child is a quiet child and a quiet child is the only kind of child that should be allowed on an airplane. See, if you only have to use the hack one time for this reason it will have paid for itself.
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But Wait, There’s More

I mentioned a safety aspect of this tip and it too has to do with children. As many of you are aware there are countless numbers of children and young adults that are being held against their will or feel as if they are in danger. Yet, they have no way to ask for help at the risk of running afoul of their captor’s temper.

But Why a Crayon?

People give children crayons all the time. You know, in restaurants, at fairs and dentist offices, so, there would be nothing that would set off any alarm bells or whistles if a random adult gave a child a crayon to play with.  The piece of paper wrapped around the crayon is for the child to write a note or simply the word “HELP”. Oh, and one more thing about the crayon. They write all the time. Unlike a pencil that can break its lead or a pen that might dry up or require a lot of manipulation to get the ink flowing, a crayon will make a mark even if it is only a nub.
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But Hold on a Minute, There is One Other Reason to Carry a Crayon in Your Wallet

The crayon can help keep your credit cards and business cards from taking on the shape of your wallet. Remember, crayons though made of wax are still fairly rigid. They are also about the same length as a credit card. If you’ve ever had to deal with a warped plastic card that won’t slide into a card reader then you know this hack is for you. Just slip the crayon, wrapped in paper, into the card slot in your wallet. It will keep your cards straight and stiff

So Now It’s Up to You

If you were asked “do you think it’s a good idea to put a crayon in your wallet when you travel” what would your answer be? As for me, I have already got my crayon and am ready to get on a bus. I am carrying my crayon because I tend to attract loud children on long flights. So, I am going to say this is one tip I can personally validate as just weird enough to work.

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