Annapolis Police Officer Assaulted, Injured After Arresting Woman on Frederick Douglas Street

Report Annapolis
Report Annapolis

An officer with the Annapolis Police Department was recently injured while transporting a woman who had been placed under arrest.

On November 7, 2021, at 2:24pm, officers responded to the 1100 block of Frederick Douglas Street for a reported assault. The woman was placed under arrest and transported to the Annapolis Police Department to be processed. During transport, she became combative and assaulted multiple officers by kicking and biting them. One officer was sent to the hospital due to the assault and the suspect was eventually transported to the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

Police officials identified the woman as 20 year old Timeka Amber Hicks of Annapolis. Since the arrest, court records show Ms. Hicks has been released on her own recongnizance.

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